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Buakaw reconvertie

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Posté le: Mer Mai 23, 2012 2:25 am Il y a une ptite interview de lui par contre c en Thailandais :
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Posté le: Mer Mai 23, 2012 12:18 pm Pour ceux qui sont bon en anglais sinon moi j'utilise google, honte à moi, voila le contrat à buakaw, ducoup je crois qu'il ne va pas avoir d'indemnité pour s'être fait exploiter pendant pas mal de temp.

Et je crois qu'on est toujours pas prêt de le voir contre d'autre thai

1. The head of Por Pramuk camp accepts Buakaw as the camp's fighter, but allows Buakaw to train on his own elsewhere.

2. Buakaw will represent Por Pramuk camp & no other camp.

3. Buakaw will use the fight name 'Buakaw Por Pramuk'.

4. This new contract will last from 22 May 2012 to 5 November 2018.

[It is to cover the remaining duration of the existing 8-year contract that Buakaw had signed with the camp back in 2010. This new contract is meant to supercede Buakaw's existing contract.]

5. Buakaw's earnings from fights will be split 60:40 (60% to Buakaw, 40% to the camp).

6. Buakaw's income from advertising, public appearances, & all forms of sponsorship will be split 75:25 (75% to Buakaw, 25% to the camp).

7. Any contracts for activities mentioned in clauses 5 & 6 must be agreed upon & signed by both Buakaw & the camp in order for them to be considered valid, & a contract that offers higher benefits must be accepted over one that offers lower benefits. In addition, for advertising for (the sponsor) Boon Rawd Brewery & its group (of companies), Buakaw must be paid no less than what they had paid him in the past.

8. All of the income will be shared according to this contract starting from the date on which it is signed, until 5 November 2018.

9. Both parties must travel & attend all events together, be it within Thailand or overseas. Travel expenses for both parties will be covered by the party that arranged to participate in the event.

[E.g. If Buakaw accepts - with the permission of Por Pramuk camp - an invitation extended to him to fight, he must pay for Por Pramuk camp to travel together with him to the event.]

10. Por Pramuk camp will drop their lawsuit against Buakaw* in return for Buakaw cancelling his request to the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) to terminate his existing contract with the camp**, & the camp will withdraw their objection against his participation in the 17 April 2012 Thai Fight event that they filed with the SAT.***

[* Does not mention dropping the lawsuit against Buakaw's sports science trainer Mr. Teerawat Yioyim, or Sport Art. Co.]

[** In Buakaw's letter to the SAT on 26 March 2012 requesting to terminate his contract with Por Pramuk camp, he said that the camp owes him 3 million baht. This clause implies that the entire debt that the camp owes him will be waived.]

[*** Withdrawing the objection could allow SAT's Board of Boxing Sport to cancel the 6-month suspension.]

11. Buakaw must contact Por Pramuk's lawyer regarding any contract/agreement (for activities mentioned in clauses 5 & 6) that he wants to accept.

12. Any party who makes an agreement without the other party's permission will be fined 2 million baht. This applies to activities mentioned in clauses 5 & 6. Buakaw must agree for this clause [clause 12] to apply retroactively to cover the period from 1 March 2012 to 22 May 2012.

[It effectively means that Por Pramuk camp wants to fine Buakaw 2 million baht for fighting in Thai Fight on 17 April 2012.]

Buakaw wants Por Pramuk camp to drop their lawsuit against his sports science trainer, Mr. Teerawat Yioyim, before he will sign this new contract with the camp.

There are also many details of this contract that need to be clarified & even changed before it can be signed.

Maj. Gen. Intharat decided to give both parties more time to examine the details of the new contract before they sign it, & so they will all meet again on 31 May 2012.
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